Rise Up & Shine Retreat


Are you dreaming about a magical place on earth and yearn to take some time to yourself… ?

Then the Rise Up & Shine retreat in Alicante has your name written all over it !

The retreat’s accommodation and surroundings will leave you enchanted : the daily yoga in the dome will add that extra dimension to your yoga practice, the food is not only an explosion for the senses but super healthy for the body and soul, the planned activities an relaxation possibilities will be nurturing. You simply do not want to miss out on this, it is the ultimate self-care retreat !


Teachers Rim Bahri and Cindy Andries look forward to share their passion and knowledge with you.

The careful combination of Kundalini and Elemental Flow Yoga provide for an all-encompassing yoga experience allowing the beauty of both yoga disciplines to shine and compliment each other at the same time.


Just remember , yoga is for everyone and we are ultimately all beginners every single day.

To join this retreat, no prerequisite experience is required, nor flexibility or knowledge…just bring your lovely self and an open mind towards the experience and the benefits will be enormous and heartwarming.

Apart from yoga we have set aside time for you to relax by the pool, walk in nature, have a massage, explore the city…

Join us !